Color Consulting & Interior Design.

Rhonda Collins: True Colour Expert

Achieve Your Perfect Colors

Rhonda Collins works with you to select the perfect colors for your home. When you work with Rhonda, you receive careful attention towards the function of your rooms, furnishings, adjacent areas, lighting, and emotional responses to specific colors.

The right paint color will completely transform your environment and life as it complements furnishings, and works with natural lighting to create the desired mood. Our certified approach to finding your paint colors draws from all the best practices in interior design and experience as a True Colour Expert.

The Colors By Design approach transforms your environment by achieving your perfect colors for every application.

As your Color Consultant, I will answer your most important design questions:

  • What inspires you?
  • Do you prefer neutrals?
  • Light or dark colors? What about brights?
  • Do you prefer clean or muted shades?
  • Do you prefer warm or cool colors?

Download My Step by Step Guide to Incorporating Color in Your Home


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