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Wording Guide for 70s Parties

Wording for 70s Parties

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Wording for 70s Parties

Join us to boogie
Jive talk and shout!
Mariaís 15th Birthday Party Blowout!
A day of food, friends
Fun and play
To celebrate the birthday girl
In a really groovy way
Day, Date, Year

Celebrate Good Times Ė Címon
Wear your disco threads
Weíll have the funky beats
Youíre gonna have a good time
With lots of dancing feet!
Come join us to celebrate
Aidanís 30th Birthday
Day, Date, Year

Címon all you funky mommas
and bring your pops and gents
we got a celebration planned
come join in the excitement!
Tedís turning 30
and he/she hasnít got a clue
weíre throwing him/her a party
and were startiní by inviting you!
Day, Date, Year

Wear your go-go boots
and mini skirts
fringed leather pants
and tie-dyed shirts
Weíre having a 70ís party
to celebrate
donít be late!
Day, Date, Year

Groovy Party of the Year
Donít miss out on
Shellyís 13th Birthday
it is the coolest party ever
and you are LIKE invited
so letís party!
Day, Date, Year


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