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Wording Guide for Fifties Parties

Wording for Fifties Parties

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Wording for Fifties Parties

Hey cats and kittens,
you can’t lose
go on and grab
your blue suede shoes
Come on over
and don’t be late
We have
Joel’s Birthday to celebrate!
40th Birthday
Day, Date, Year

C’mon everybody
we’re gonna have some fun
re-live the days
when the records played
and Elvis was number one!
Come celebrate
George Ann’s
45th Birthday

Rock n’ Roll’s cool,
if that’s your thing
everybody loves that crazy swing
it doesn’t matter if you’re square or not
this BIRTHDAY party
is gonna be really hot!
Boogie on over
to celebrate
Nan’s 40th

Penny loafers, Buddy Holly shades
Saddle shoes were all the rage
Poodle skirts, and scarves in your hair
make the scene, you gotta be there!
We’re celebrating
Brenda’s 30th Birthday

Bad boys with their hot rod cars
good girls with their skirts in scarves
all meet down at the soda shop
after dancin’ at the hop
Give us a ring on the telephone
to say you’ll come
to a hop of our own!
We’re celebrating
Zack’s Graduation

You might not remember the time
when radio was king
You may not have been around
to see Buddy Holly sing
but the style you know and love is here
and will be forever more…
So come on over to cut some rug
dancin’ on our living-room floor!
Join us to celebrate
Betty Jo’s 70th Birthday

Music and friends
conversations and cocktails
it’s not a party without you
so put on your duds
and bring your appetite
to our Rock n’ Roll Barbeque!
We’re celebrating
Dan’s 60th

Pillow fights
we’ll be up all night
after dancing all night long
MARY JO is turning SIXTEEN
and we’ll be making a scene
playin’ all those fifties songs!
Join us for a Rockin’ Pajama Party

We’ll be cuttin’ some rug
gonna bop till we drop
so grab your GAL (or your best pal)
and come to our
Sock Hop
Join us to celebrate
Katie’s 45th Birthday

James Dean was such a dream
and Marilyn was oh so pretty
Dig out those threads
put on your classic rags
and join us for our
fifties party!
We’re celebrating
Jacks’s Birthday

We’ll be rockin’ around the clock
we’ll be swingin’ all night long
so say you’ll come to our shin-dig
and reply with your favorite song!
Join us to celebrate
Greg’s 40th Birthday

We’re moving’ tables and stackin’ chairs
‘cause tonight were having a rockin’ affair
come to our house for dancing and drinks
gents wear leather and dolls wear pink!
Join us to celebrate
Our New Place

Music and friends
conversations and cocktails
it’s not a party without you
so put on your duds
and bring your appetite
to our Rock n’ Roll Barbeque!
We’re celebrating
Dan’s 60th

No shin-dig would be complete
without you
and your dancin’ feet
Poodle skirts and rolled up jeans
are what you’ll need to make the scene!
Join us to celebrate
Hank’s 50th Birthday

Hey sisters and brothers
it’s gonna be alright
tell mom and dad
you’ll be home late tonight
We’ve got the food laid out
and drinks ready for the takin’
We’re partying fifties style
and baby, we ain’t fakin’!
Come celebrate
with Bill and Edna

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