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Wording Guide for around the clock showers

Wording for around the clock showers

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Wording for around the clock showers

We’re having a shower for Kelly Blado,
our esteemed bride-to-be
A reason to revel, we know you’ll agree
The times of our life is the theme for this day
To help the new couple get on their way
Filling each second, each minute, each hour
That is our challenge for this bridal shower.
Day, Date, Year
Your time is _______

Tick tock, tick tock,
Come to a party
That’s "round the clock"
Help is give AMY
The "time of her life"
As she and GREG
Become husband and wife
So please bring a gift
To this Bridal Shower
That can be used
During your assigned hour!
Day, Date, Year
Time Line
City, State


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